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Ryuuji Otogi

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OOC [15 May 2004|02:35am]
[Alright, as much as I'd hate to do this, I'm gonna have to assume that this RP is dead. Maybe we can pick it up again in the future, but for now, I'm gonna unlock my archive for others to see in the meantime. Peace.]
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[28 Feb 2004|01:22am]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey! It's not like me to be up at this time, but I guess I'm just excited. Guess who's birthday it is! >D There'll be a party at the shop, but it'll only be open to certain people. All you guys are invited! Come as you are, and there's no need to bring any money. The games will be free!

Sorry for the late notification, but I wanted to make sure that everything was set before I made any announcements.

Hope to see you guys there!

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[20 Feb 2004|08:22pm]
Alright, I'm a lot better than I was last week, that's for sure. ^^ Honda came over last week for Valentine's Day. He knew I was sick, so we just stayed inside and watched TV for a while. And cuddled. All that good stuff. I guess I lost track of time and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was lying on Honda... he'd fallen asleep too. ^^ He looks like a total dork when he's sleeping. xD But he's cute. God, that sounded corny.

Honestly, I'm a lot happier staying here than having to go over to his house. Not that I wouldn't want to go to his house, but... New Year's. *cough* Yeah, I really don't wanna get into that again. -.-

Anyway, Honda had gotten a call on his cell from his sister saying that he was late babysitting Johji. -.- The bitch screamed at him so much, I could hear what she was saying from where he was. Figures she was pissed, so Honda had to leave in a hurry. He was still tired, so when he left, he was a little... stumbly. Poor guy. Be careful, Honda!

My birthday's coming up in about a week. Wonder if I should throw a big party or just keep it small. Any takers?
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[14 Feb 2004|12:56pm]
Argh, my cold's only gotten worse since the other day, so I'll have to stay in the house until I get better. I couldn't sleep at all last night because my sinuses were driving me crazy. I'm so tired, my eyes are starting to burn. I'm so out of it, I didn't even bother brushing my hair. >.> I don't think anyone I knew would be able to recognize me at first glance if they saw me now, I'm such a mess. -.- Heh. I guess I should lie down for a little bit and catch up on some rest. Maybe I'll feel better after I wake up.

Sorry, Honda, but I don't think I'll be able to see you tonight. Unless... you wanna come over? ^^; Call me later. <3 Happy Valentine's Day.
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[12 Feb 2004|10:09pm]
Ugh. I think I'm coming down with something. I'm fatigued and my voice is going. Thanks a lot, Jou. It's your fault I'm getting sick. I just hope it doesn't get worse. Valentine's Day is in two days.
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[07 Feb 2004|09:54am]
Well, it's a week until Valentine's Day. But for some reason, I'm just not feeling it. I don't understand what's been up with me lately. I know I haven't been myself. And it hasn't been for the better. What with all that's been going on recently, my mind just hasn't... been there. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed, either. I haven't been wanting to get out lately, not even to hang out with Honda or any of my friends. Every once in a while Honda'll call or whatnot, but we haven't been going out as much. Eh, maybe it's just the weather. Once it warms up, maybe it'll get better. I'm just content to be home for the time being.
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[25 Jan 2004|10:16pm]
Christ, I'm so sick and tired of waiting for the duels to start.

Well, we made our way into the castle. About time too. As soon as found my room, I plopped on the bed and fell asleep. I hadn't gotten a decent night's rest since we arrived at Duelist Kingdom, so I was pretty happy to finally see a bed to sleep on.

I heard some noises while I was sleeping though. I woke up and saw Mako ruffling through my stuff! All my bags were open, and most of my clothes were on the floor! I got pissed off and told him to pick up all my stuff. He then called me a prissy boy! I gave him that look, and so he tried to retaliate by saying 'But you're really beautiful tonight. ^_^;' Ugh. I didn't know what he was getting at, but I was already cranky enough as it was from lack of sleep and kicked him out. He shouldn't have been going through my stuff in the first place. If he really needed something, he should've just asked. >.> He probably didn't want to bother me, but still. My room's still a mess. I haven't cleaned up yet and I'm really not in the mood for cleaning now.

Today was Jou's birthday, so I left a Dungeon Dice Monsters kit in his room for him. I signed a card with both Honda's name and mine, because knowing Honda, he probably couldn't afford anything for Jou. xD Happy Birthday, Jou. ^^;

Well, speaking of Honda, I'm gonna go look for him, since I didn't see him all day. Hey, maybe I can even get him to clean up my room with a little 'persuasion'. >D See ya.
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[11 Jan 2004|01:47am]
Y'know what I found out a couple days ago? Mako's got feelings for me. Yes, the same Mako who everyone thinks I'm related to. I've been trying to keep my distance from him since I found out. How was I supposed to react? I'm already going out with Honda, and I've never looked at Mako anymore than a friend, or a 'brother' per say.

Speaking of which, Mako was paying an awful lot of attention to Honda today; hugging him(not to mention a kiss on the cheek *twitch*), offering him stuff, asking him to do things for him, etc. Yeah, I'll admit, I got a little jealous. Honda's my boyfriend! How am I supposed to feel? I don't want someone else trying to pull him away from me. And I didn't feel like talking to anyone much because of it. When I sat down, Mako sat next to me and asked if I was jealous. I didn't want to tell him, but I think it was pretty obvious. He told me that he was doing that on purpose just to show me how he felt everytime he saw me with Honda. Well, jeez, it's not like I can just dump Honda for him. I really like Honda a lot, and I don't plan on leaving him anytime soon. Mako suddenly got pissed and stomped off. I haven't seen him since. -.- He'd better not be off doing something crazy...
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[09 Jan 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So I lost my first duel here. Big deal. Mai keeps rubbing it in my face though. ._. Gah, she just got lucky. I'm gettin' her next time.

And I'm sorry if I was being an ass yesterday. Usually I don't care what anyone says about me, but I guess I was just having a bad day. People were pissing me off and I lost it. I just have a lot on my mind right now. That and I'm homesick. Maybe tomorrow'll be better...

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First day in D.K [05 Jan 2004|10:11pm]
Okay, I don't think I'm cut out for nature. >.> Seriously. Finding a good tree or bush to pee in isn't exactly what I call sanitary. If only I hadn't drank so much coffee this morning. >.>

I haven't seen Honda since he left with Jounouchi to look for some supplies. Me, I've just been helping the others set up camp. See, those two already know the ropes of this place. They know what they're doing. The last time I came to Duelist Kingdom, I was allowed straight into Pegasus' castle. This time? Pft, I wish. I just hope I get the hang of this nature stuff soon enough. >.>

Honda needs to get back already. I'm goin' stir crazy over here. >.>
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[04 Jan 2004|02:16am]
We're heading back to Duelist Kingdom! xD We're actually on the boat right now. I'm hangin' out with Yuugi and Mai; Mokuba and Noa already went to their room.

Jounouchi's been kinda upset lately. I think I know why, but... I don't wanna get into his business on my journal.

Malik and Bakura hooked up finally. :3 I'm happy for you, Bakura. ^^

Mai started calling me 'O' today. o_O; What's with that?
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[03 Jan 2004|02:49am]
[ mood | blah ]

So, you wanna know how my New Year's went?

Well, for starters, I called Honda to pick me up to go to his house on his bike. Almost fell off the damn thing, but no problems otherwise. We get to Honda's house with about half an hour to kill. So I unpacked and thought that I'd just relax for a while... until Honda's sister is pounding on the front door. Turns out that she needed an emergency babysitter for Johji. I heard that the first one bailed on them. -_- So, Honda and I were kinda stuck watching the kid for a while. I didn't wanna be late for the party just because of the kid, so Honda got his strap-on-baby-carrier thing and just brought Johji with us to the party.

The party was okay at first. A little boring, since I didn't know anybody, so I just stuck with Honda. :3 Some time into the party, we saw Bakura and Malik... Bakura was pretty drunk. They split pretty fast though... and right before the police came. o_o; What's even more effed up, it seems that Bakura and Malik were who the cops were looking for. o_o; They left as soon as they found out that those two were gone. What a riot.

I wanted to get all that off my mind, so -I don't remember how- but I got talked into drinking. >.> Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to, but c'mon, it was New Year's Eve! Me and Honda left the party for a while to look at the fireworks. Johji was being a brat anyway. He kept... trying to touch the girls. o_O;

Anyway, Honda left Johji on the front porch step so he could put his arms around me while we waited for the stroke of midnight. ^_^ We could hear people counting down from inside the house, so Honda kissed me at exactly 12:00. ^_^ Major problem though: Johji grabbed my ass. >.> Apparently he thought I was a female and felt the need to. >.> I swear I was about to rip that little bastard apart then and there. *twitch* I was already pissed off enough as it was, and me being semi-drunk didn't help any, so I just went back inside.

I... really can't remember too much of the rest of the party; I was pretty much wasted. -_- But I do remember being in a car... with Honda. And Johji. >.> I guess I had sobered up a little by then. Honda told me that one of his friends offered to drive us home since we were too drunk to walk. -_- As soon as we got back into the house, there was a HORRIBLE smell coming from the living room. x_x I thought it was Honda at first. xD! Hey, he thought it was me! o_O; Then again, neither of us were really aware that Honda's dog took a crap on the floor until he stepped in it. x_x; So, Honda left Johji for me to watch while he cleaned up the mess. And his shoe.

I was still out of it, but there was no one else in the house to watch the kid. I can't say I didn't try though. The brat kept trying to pull my hair and yank out my earring. >.> I lost my patience and wandered off into the kitchen... hell if I remember why. e_e; When I came back, Honda yelled at me because Johji had just turned up missing! o.o Sorry, Honda. ;_; Having temporarily impaired judgement sucks. -_- We turned the house upside down. Couldn't find him. Went outside, found him trying to peek into someone's window! >.> We got him and buckled him up in his stroller until Honda's sister finally got the kid and took him home. Thank God.

It was about 4 in the morning and I was already so tired that I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I just changed and plopped onto Honda's bed and fell asleep. I know Honda climbed in next to me, but I was too tired to move. xD About an hour later, I wake up to a sharp pain in between my legs. >.> It took me a while to figure out that it was Honda's knee buried so deep into my crotch. x_x I know it was an accident, but I felt like waking him up and slapping him. Too bad I was too tired and too weak to actually do anything. ._. Other than the fact that he had his arms around me and I couldn't move anyway. x_x That boy's got a DEATHGRIP I tell ya! xP As soon as Honda got up (to use the bathroom, maybe?) I took the first chance I had to put a pillow in between my legs. >.> Hey, it was all I had. ._.

The next morning (afternoon? Can't remember what time I woke up...) I was still tired. ;_; I didn't get a lot of sleep for obvious reasons. ._. Honda took me home, but I was so worn out that all I could do when I got home was go to bed and sleep for most of the day.

So needless to say, my New Year's sucked. ._.

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[30 Dec 2003|03:39pm]
Honda called me earlier and invited me to go to a New Year's party with him tomorrow night, then sleep over his house afterwards. >) Hehe, I'm gonna have some fun... fun fun fun fun fun.

In other news... Malik's dark side is back. I'm afraid. o.o;
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[29 Dec 2003|11:32pm]
Hey, y'know what? I think I'm completely over Bakura now. I think it was obvious that I had a hard time trying not to lunge out at Malik everytime he looked at him, but I'm seriously not bothered by it anymore. I was hangin' out with Bakura and Malik (along with some others, of course) and Malik and I were actually getting along. o.o; Bakura was blushing an awful lot when he got Malik's Christmas present. Honestly, I think he likes him. I even teased him a little. Hey, all in fun, no harm done.

Come to think of it, I think the reason I don't get worked up over him anymore was because of yesterday. I heard from Bakura that I said something to him that he probably thinks was some kind of confession. It might've been the alcohol talking, but then again, it might not've. Reason being, I feel like I got a lot off of my chest since I found out what I said to him. It was something I should've told him while we were together, but never had the chance to. It makes me feel a whole lot better. ^^

I think the only person I need to watch out for now is Set. He keeps trying to hit on my Honda. e_e; (that's right, MY Honda! MINE!)

Now, to go find Mako... he owes me 10 bucks.
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[29 Dec 2003|12:27am]
[ mood | ah... my head... ]

A couple days ago I got a call from Yuugi and his grandpa saying that Bakura was awake. Thank God. But, my visit to the hospital was... odd. Malik was being all buddy-buddy with him... but I tried not to let it get to me. What for, y'know? Still though, Malik's crazy... it makes me worry. Honda and Malik were spending a good while arguing if I was the one who shot him or not. C'mon, now. Bakura even said it wasn't me. What more proof do you guys need? -.-

Mako told me that he was sent to the mental hospital last week. Why am I not surprised? o_O; Mr. Mutou got him out. He's staying at their place now.

Anyways, Bakura's out of the hospital now. Mako was being really flirty with him. Again, tried not to let it get to me. >.> What? Trust me, that's easier said than done. And what with not seeing Honda today... well, figure it out.

Dunno what happened after, but Mako suddenly got upset about something. o_O; Bakura was trying to talk things over with him. He suggested that we all go for drinks afterwards. Said that it was gonna make Mako feel a little better. We ran into Mai on the way.

Bakura bought Mako a drink, but he didn't want it, so I took it. Big mistake. The alcohol in that thing, yikes. Mai thought I could handle it, so she just kept the drinks comin' in. Honestly, I don't remember one bit of what was going on, but Mako says I was flirting with him. o_O; Gyah... just... gyah. -.- Please don't kill me, Honda. o.o Please?

The only thing I probably did remember... was a talking Blue Eyes White Dragon. o.o;

Mai and Kaiba were going off at each other. Those two have the biggest egos, I swear. (What? Stop looking at me!) Maybe I should just leave this up to one of them to tell you about that. o.o

Honestly, I think they were flirting. xD!

As soon as I sobered up (well, a little anyway) Mako broke into the security room... hell if I could figure out why. He came out hiding something behind his back. Hope it wasn't a tape of me acting like an idiot. >.>

THEN (get this) he pulls out a PORN magazine with SET (you heard me) on the front cover! xD! At first, we thought it was Kaiba, but when you think about it... eh...
Mako might still have that thing, come to think of it.

Anyway, I didn't have the energy to run after Mako. My head was pounding. Still is, actually. He saw me sitting there in pain and all that, so he sat next to me. He asked if he could hug me. o.o Dunno if it was the alcohol or what, but I let him. It's not so bad, once you get over the fact that he squeezes every bit of air outta you.

He asked me why I hated him. I don't. But that question made me think, y'know? About how I was acting the way I was towards him and all that. Maybe I overreacted? So, in spite of all that, we're playing big bro/little bro for a while. Dunno how long that'll last, but I'm sure it won't be so bad.

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[24 Dec 2003|01:37pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

What is with people today? People have been accusing me of shooting Bakura. People are getting more convinced that Mako and I might be brothers. Come on, people! There's a thing called common sense. USE IT!

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[22 Dec 2003|08:29pm]
Well, I decided to go visit Bakura in the hospital this afternoon. I called up Honda beforehand because he wanted me to pick him up. Honda's known Bakura longer than I have, so I'm sure he wanted to see him too.

I was a nervous wreck as I was driving. I could only imagine how Bakura felt when he visited me when I was in a coma. It's hard to take.

As soon as Honda and I walked into Bakura's room, Malik was sitting at his bedside! God, that pissed me off. I had to get outta there. Fast.

The way I was feeling, I couldn't drive home. Not yet, anyway. I just went outside and sat on the steps for a while. Next thing I knew, Honda sat next to me and put his arm around me, so I leaned on him and closed my eyes. It felt so nice. I'm glad that he wasn't getting upset about how I reacted earlier.

I don't know how long we sat there, but sooner or later, I felt a slight tug on my ponytail. -.- It was Mako. He was just standing there... cheesy smile and everything. How'd he know I was there? o_O; He asked me if I'd seen Jou anywhere. I told him that he was working. Erm, I think he was working, wasn't he? o.o Come to think of it, I'm really not sure what days he works... I don't even know where he works! >.< How do I keep forgetting to find out what he does for money?

Mental note: find out the location of Jounouchi's job.

Anyway, Mako sat next to me and Honda because, I guess, he had nothing better to do. We talked for a little bit, which made me feel a little better.

Suddenly, some chick I've seen in school comes up to me and says 'OH, MY GOD! OTOGI, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A BROTHER!' o_O; What!? I DON'T! Mako and I don't look alike, do we? That's just... ugh. No way!

Then, she takes out her camera and snaps candid pics of me (which I'm sure looks pretty bad... wasn't exactly feeling like Mr. Sunshine at the time) and Mako! x_x She took off after that. I didn't have the energy to go and chase after her though. -.- I'd better not see my picture and that rumor floating around the net somewhere.

And on top of that, my cell's missing. Aye. -.-
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[21 Dec 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I couldn't sleep last night. I've had this weird feeling in the back of my neck since yesterday morning. And it wasn't a good feeling. I didn't know what it was. I was hoping that it was gonna go away sooner or later, so I turned on the tv to try and get my mind off of it. There was a special news report on a shooting near Mr. Mutou's game shop. That's when that feeling got a lot worse. I turned off the tv and layed in my bed for a while, thinking. I finally fell asleep after a while, but I kept waking up every so often because I couldn't help but worry about it all night.

I found Yuugi this morning and he was looking pretty down. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me... that Bakura had been shot and was in the hospital. I don't know if he was there or if his grandpa told him, but I didn't want to ask. I couldn't speak, it hit me so hard. I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't let myself believe it.

I feel so guilty. I knew that something was wrong and yet I ignored the feeling. Why? I wish I knew.

I know that he and I aren't even seeing each other anymore, but... I don't know.

I should visit him in the hospital tomorrow. I hope he's okay...

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[19 Dec 2003|09:57pm]
Oh man, it's good to be home! That jet-lag really got to me though. -.- Do I even have to explain the plane ride? -.-

Whoa, a lotta people have gotten journals while we were gone, haven't they?

What's today, the 19th? A couple of birthdays are coming up: Malik's and Ryuuzaki's. Don't ask me how I actually knew that. >.>

Jou offered Mako to stay at his place until he can afford an apartment or something. Ha, good luck finding your way around that place, Mako.

Well, I'm tired and still unpacking. I'll update later if anything happens. See ya.
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[17 Dec 2003|08:21pm]
YES! We're finally going home! Kaiba left early on a private jet or something, so we're giving Mako his ticket.

How'd we meet up with Mako? Well, long story short, me, Honda, and Jou were on the beach and happened to run into him there. Yeah.

Sorry for the lame post, but I don't have a lot of time. Must pack...
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